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What is so special about the Dutch Bicycle?
What is so special about the Bikes from Amsterdammers?
Can I have a look at the bike before buying it?
How do I choose the right size?
How do I order and pay?
What about delivery and transport?
What happens if I change my mind?

What is so special about the Dutch Bicycle?
As far as cycling is concerned, the Dutch are light years ahead of us. There is an estimated 20 million cycles in Holland, about 4 million more than the population. The favourite is the 'Omafiets', or grandma's bike, which has a characteristic looped frame. The Dutch put much weight on comfort realised through simple features such as larger frames, strong luggage carriers or broad seats. The relaxed atmosphere and clean air found in Dutch cities would not last without this smart and environmentally friendly way of transport. Without its bikes, Holland would simply not be the same. For more information and good pictures on the history of Dutch bikes, have a look at (also available in English).

What is so special about the Bikes from Amsterdammers?
The bikes from Amsterdammers have been adapted to the conditions here in Britain. Whereas the Dutch mainly prefer single speed with a back-pedal brake, Amsterdammers supply them with 3, 5 or 7 speeds and hand operated brakes on both front and back. Other standard equipment includes:
  • Sturdy luggage carrier
  • Full sized metal mudguards on both wheels
  • Lights front/back
  • Useful sidestand and bell
  • Fully enclosed chain, no stains on clothes
  • All-weather enclosed hub brakes
  • Sprung feather seat
  • Smart rear wheel lock
  • Reliable hub gears with tool-less adjustment
  • Large rear reflector
  • Pedals for all footwear
  • Serious quality
  • Original, yet stylish cycling

Our commitment is to make people cycle more, especially to and in work, but there is simply no way around the fact that bikes need to have a better quality than currently. That's why Amsterdammers are proud to bring you the finest second hand Dutch bicycles. Whereas a number of mass-market products are offered as "nostalgic/retro style" elsewhere, we are unique in Britain in being able to offer you the genuine article. Our bikes are here to give you good returns and many years of mileage at a price that hardly any shop can match. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or just would like to take advantage of our 14 day trial & return policy.

Can I have a look at the bike before buying it?
Not only are all bikes on display in the shop, it also has its own test track facility that realistically simulates an real-life urban environment.

               Open Tuesday to Saturday 9:00–17:00



How do I choose the right size?
Measure your inside leg length (without shoes) and then multiply it by 0.65.
You will then get the frame size you need.
Example: Your inside leg measurement is 32”, then 32 x 0.65 = 21”
21” is the frame size you should be looking at. However, these measurements are very approximate why it is worth considering frames that are 2” smaller or bigger. If you can't decide between two sizes, go for the larger one.

For the metric minded, use the same conversion.
Example: Inside leg measurement is 82 cm, then 82 x 0.65 = 53 cm
53 cm is the frame size you should be looking for.

How do I order and pay?
You can order the bicycle either over the phone or by email. We accept most credit/debit cards in the shop or over the phone.

What about delivery and transport?
These fully-sized cycles are packed and delivered UK 'mainland' for £29, arriving 3-4 days after payment. Next day service and to other parts of UK/Ireland is availiable too. If you want to save this cost, you can come and pick the bike up yourself in Brighton. Customers from London, or other towns linked through the railway, can easily reach the shop from Brighton Station. Remember that bikes travel for free on the train.
We also ship anywhere outside UK, by sea or air. Please contact us for more information.

What happens if I change my mind? Returning the Bike.
If you for some reason are not satisfied with your bike or simply feel you have chosen the wrong one, you can return it without any questions asked if you notify us within 14 days. You can use the bike as much as you like during that time, but try to avoid any damage to it as we will have to reduce your refund for necessary repairs. You will have to organise and take on any transport costs, though.